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Hello there

My name is Paul Göran Eidens and I do web design.

Photograph of me
That's me

As a kid of the 90s, I grew up with computers and the internet.

I would spend a lot of time at the computer, creating "works of art" in MSPaint. Shortly after came the computer games: The Sims, Empire Earth and many more. Don't forget Pokémon either! In fact, it was Pokémon, more specifically a Pokémon forum, that sparked my interest in coding and design.

This forum had a chat. And the developer of the chat software sometimes spend time in it. This chat software was available for free. So I tried to set up my own chat! ... Without success. That was still too much for me.

But I didn't give up.

That's how I learned about scripts. A collective term for code that serves a specific purpose.

For example, a "login script" allows you to log on to a website in a "protected" area that is otherwise inaccessible. I wrote many such scripts to understand the basic logic behind them.

Eventually it went from scripts to chat, forum and blog software. Here the concepts of the scripts are combined to develop more complex systems. I set up and experimented with many of these systems. Changed code and design. Destroyed many an installation - intentionally, of course. And that is how I learned more about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and also web hosting.

Symbols that symbolize scripts or programming
Programming symbols
An image with three different website mockups
Website mockups

During my "internet youth" I spent a lot of time in many IT and design forums...

... where I learned what kind of interesting projects other creative developers are working on! I was so engrossed that I often sat in computer classes and tinkered with my designs. As soon as I got home, I continued.

And now I'm still at it. More motivated than ever.

I keep finding new topics that I grapple with deeply. At the moment these are accessibility and progressive enhancement.
Web design and technology are my passion. I would like to convey this feeling to you with my websites.

What else do I do?

In my free time I like to go out into nature and take photos. You can view some of my photos on the website One of my most seen pictures is this one of a water lily. Follow me there if you are also a fan of photography!

Me with my camera
Me with my camera (Pentax K-3)