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My web design work

  • The word 'boomwerk' repeating multiple times.

    boomwerk is a new online marketing ageny from Karlsruhe. I developed and designed their "coming soon" page.

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  • Logo of a white cartoon rocket on an orange background
    Dev Launchers

    Dev Launchers is an Austin, Texas based nonprofit organization. I have worked with them on user interface design tasks as well as, realizing said tasks with the help of ReactJS.

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  • Screenshot einer Fotografie-Website
    Photography website

    I thrive to be a better designer with every new project I take on. Always learning new things. Making my clients happy makes me happy.

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  • Screenshot of a cake shop website
    Cake Shop Website

    The cake shop website design plays with patterns and text. At the same time, it keeps its professional look.

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  • Screenshot of a bed & breakfast website
    Bed & Breakfast Website

    Various industries can make use of the bed & breakfast website design. Restaurants, holiday apartments, bed & breakfast and many more.

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