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Website redesign

You already have a website and want to give it a new look?

Why you should redesign your website

Stay relevant

The internet is evolving at breakneck speed. Technologies and conventions that were relevant 5 years ago are now obsolete. Modern software, new design philosophies and trends - in order to be able to keep up with the competition, it helps a lot to get deep into the subject. That's where I come in.

Day in and day out I read web design blogs, watch videos on the latest design trends and tools, and simply enjoy staying up to date. You can benefit from my experience and expertise.

Your website is slow

This can have many reasons. It might be your hosting provider. Here I can also help you with a move. Unoptimized files, such as image files that are much too large, could also be the culprit. It may also be due to an outdated version of a content management system or plugin.

I will deal with your website fully, identify the problems and solve them.

The mobile view could be nicer

Over 90% of the world's population uses a smartphone to access the Internet. It is therefore essential to offer these visitors a smooth experience.

If your website is a few years old, it may well be that it was not designed to be mobile-friendly.

How I'll make your website "smartphone-ready":

  • I optimize images, videos, etc. to make your website load faster
  • I use so-called media queries and responsive web design to display content fairly on large and small screens.