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Website creation

I create your website for you. Together, we will bring your ideas to life.

How to create a website

Start simple

There are countless ways and methods to create a website. Web design is complex because it is a creative field. But complex does not have to mean complicated. Let me help you filter the complex to the concrete and create the website of your desires. Over many years of hands-on web design experience, I have developed a system that I use to design, create, and populate websites.

The idea

What kind of website do you want to built? Only you can know what you want. Perhaps you have an idea, but are not yet able to put it into concrete words. No problem. I have developed a questionnaire for this purpose, which should help to get from the rough to the fine. This may sound like a lot of work at first - but it is necessary. The fewer open questions there are, the better I can help you. And the faster your website is ready to be put online.

The creative process

I start with a digital drawing of the website, also called a "mockup". Here I sketch the rough layout (the arrangement of the elements on the website) of the page(s), as well as the elements themselves. After getting your feedback on this, I'll go into more detail.

Do you have more questions?

I would be happy to explain more in a phone call or via email. Message me.