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Dev Launchers

A non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas.

As part of the Dev Launchers frontend team, I created user interfaces and worked with the UI and UX team. I also exchanged these designs with developers and accompanied the final implementation.

Dev Launchers strives for equal opportunity in the technology industry. Thus, the team is made up of people from all over the world. At Dev Launchers I met and made friends with many people who were interested in technology.

My tasks in the frontend team were varied. Most of all I enjoyed working around UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design. Here I created mockups, something like a sketch of a website, in the tool Figma, and then forwarded it to the team and presented it. The mockups were then converted into code. The feeling of being able to see my designs realized is wonderful.

Screenshot of a calendar design
Screenshot of a calendar design

I got to know the Javascript framework React better through my work with the frontend team. My biggest task was redesigning the user profiles on the website of Dev Launchers.

From backend to frontend. UI and UX. Project management and Github. Dev Launchers has taught me many things.

Logo of a white cartoon rocket on an orange background
The logo of Dev Launchers

The lively exchange with the team also improved my communication skills. I have worked with and learned from many talented designers and developers. Even though I'm no longer part of the frontend team, my collaboration with Dev Launchers hasn't stopped! I remain deeply involved in the community. Among other things, I'm a team member of a Discord server that aims to promote the creativity of people from all over the world with the help of technology.

Thank you, Dev Launchers!